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...from participating companies, by donating yourself or by shopping at amazon.



You can collect SocialCoins from companies participating in Socialfunder's bonus program. Find out how you can get SocialCoins from companies on their profile pages.

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Now you can also support your favourite projects with private donations. How it works? It's simple! Get a free Socialfunders account, chose how much you want to donate and pay safely and securely with PayPal. We charge your Socialfunders account with SocialCoins and you can support your favourite projects.

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Do good by shopping at amazon. With every purchase at Amazon over our affiliate link 100% of the affiliate commission will be donated to our projects.

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Some companies and organizations which already trust in us:

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Place the message of your social commitment directly with your customers. Let them be part of your social activites by deciding which projects your company should support.

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Collect SocialCoins from participating companies, redeem your code on this page and support your social project. Suggest your own project or tell your friends.

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Charity Organization

Achieve new presentation and fundraising possibilities for your charity organization. Present your projects transparently and free of charge and raise more money.

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What others say about us..., friends and press.

  • I'm pleased to support Socialfunders, because I'm committed to the idea. It is a great chance to transparently present projects and to decide individually as a donator and supporter.

  • Socialfunders is an excellent example for the transformation of insights in research into practice.

    -Prof. Dr. Harald von Kortzfleisch

  • Socialfunders is an innovative software as a service that has convinced our jury in several assessment criterias just like uniqueness, feasibility, creativity and marketability. That’s why we awarded Socialfunders with the first price in the category “innovative services”.


  • I am glad, that our customers like our CSR bonusprogramm. It is an additional benefit for us. I am no longer only telling my customers about our social engagement, we rather getting involved together with them. This was the desired effect and it worked out very well.

    -Christian Schmitt

  • We are involved since several years and especially for Christmas we are supporting social causes. Socialfunders enabled us to donate together with our customers, instead of only telling them. Our customers have chosen the causes they wanted to support. This makes our engagement more transparent and reliable.

    -Lubberich Dental Labor